Woman Runs Marathon in Her Backyard to Raise Money for COVID-19 Workers

April 26, 2020

A woman in England found her happy place as she ran for a good cause.

Good Morning America reported that Anna Harding, a woman from the United Kingdom, ran a marathon in her backyard to raise money for COVID-19 workers.

“Honestly, this is the hardest marathon I’ve ever run,” Harding said.

As people donated, all of the proceeds from her fundraiser went to the World Health Organization.

When Harding decided to raise money, she thought it would be good to run a backyard marathon. She decided this with the current situation as the many races have been canceled.

She said during this time, going out and running for four hours is not the most sensible thing to do while social distancing.

“I decided that, hey, I'll just do it in my back garden instead,” she said.

The runner explained that it is not the biggest of backyards. She described the course of the marathon as fast and flat. Harding measured the course and discovered that it would take 1,971 laps to complete her backyard marathon.

While the run was difficult, she thought about the sacrifices that healthcare workers and essential workers have to make every day during this pandemic.

During the run, she urged everyone across the globe to just stay home and continue social distancing. She said if you are a runner, it is simple to just run in your backyard.

As she finished the difficult race, her family pulled out a strip from their valuable supply of toilet paper for the finish line.

Harding said running a marathon in her backyard was horrible, but she felt amazing right after because she knew she raised money for essential workers.

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