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July 7, 2020

Australian singer and songwriter, Tones And I is stepping up her latex and costume game in the music video for her new single “You’re So F****** Cool.” The singer joined Kevan Kenney during a RADIO.COM Live FANDEMIC and tells us that she feels that the concept of any music video is as important as the song.

Tones And I conceptualizes all of her videos, and in the case of this new clip, she also co-directed it, while playing each character in the video. “It was a lot of latex over three days,” Tones And I laughs.

The “Dance Monkey” singer explains that the song was born out of going from two different lifestyles in one year. “I actually got invited to a party at the top of Beverly Hills, and a year ago today I was living in my car and I played music on the street." she shares. "So to go from two different lifestyles in one year I went there [the Beverly Hills Party] and was like oh this isn’t really for me. People aren’t really having fun or getting to know each other.”

Tones and her friends who attended the party were in studio the next day and decided to write and record a song about the narcissistic Beverly Hills party, however they never anticipated releasing it. “The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Go have beers with your friends and play beer pong, like you’re going to have way more fun,” explains the artist.

In terms of reconciling her newfound success, the street performer turned star opens up, “I worked full-time in retail waiting to get my permit to be a street performer… I guess I didn’t really dream big enough because I didn’t expect all of this… I just have to take it day-by-day, be the exact same person I’ve always been.”

As a new artist who faced hate, doubt, and judgment, Tones And I makes it clear that new artists coming up will have all of her support. She knows how it feels to pave your way and condemns those who direct hate over social media to up and coming artists.

One of the best things that she has discovered in her recent rise to success is simply being able to play live music for people around the globe. “That's all I ever wanted to do. The reason I am in this industry is to just play live music. That's definitely the best thing out of it. That's what I love doing and that’s why I am here,” she candidly shares.

You can watch the full FANDEMIC above.

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