The Top 10 Vinyls of 2019 so Far

See how Billie Eilish stacks up against the classics

August 12, 2019

August 12th was National Vinyl Record Day, a holiday for music lovers who appreciate the well-worn groove of a good tune. For those that know that the real sound can only be captured once you drop the needle. For those that don’t mind getting up to flip the side. Happy National Vinyl Record Day to you, with your refined taste and extra income, we salute you.

According to Neilsen, vinyl record sales are continuing their resurgence this year, already up nearly 10 percent from last year and selling over 7 million copies so far this year. As digital downloads and other physical music declines in sales, vinyl is one of the few areas seeing a rise.

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The top vinyl albums of the year so far are mostly classics, staples of any great vinyl collection, but with one very bold exception. Amongst The Beatles, Queen, and Bob Marley is Billie Eilish. The "bad guy" singer not only has top sales of her debut album, but also her EP released in 2017. Eilish proves that buying vinyl isn’t generational, it just makes you a musical connoisseur.

Check out the top 10 vinyl albums of 2019 so far.