Study Reveals Wormholes May Allow Humans to Travel Through Space and Time

September 1, 2020

Time traveling has long been possible on sci-fi TV shows and movies, but we're just catching up in reality.

Scientists believe traveling through wormholes may not be as impossible as once imagined.

Up until now, physics always supported the concept of wormholes with most scientists claiming that they would be too small and unstable for human travel, per the New York Post.

However, Physicists at Princeton University have used quantum mechanics to find a mathematical loophole, which they believe could lead to the creation of a wormhole large enough to fit humans inside of a spacecraft.

They’ve even theorized what it might look like.

“From the outside they resemble intermediate mass charged black holes,” they wrote in the study, adding, “Their big size comes from demanding that a human traveller can survive the tidal forces."

Physics experts Juan Maldacena and Alexey Milekhin have been looking into something called the 5-dimensional warped geometry theory, which breaks the Universe into five dimensions.

This would allow something called negative energy to exist, which they believe could create a wormhole that’s stable enough for human travel.

To make it possible, they’d need the proper tools to manipulate the negative energy.

Wormholes are tunnels between two black holes connecting distant regions allowing for a passage of space-time.

If you take the film “Interstellar” for example, the astronauts travel through a wormhole with little time passing for them, but on Earth, hundreds or even thousands of years could have passed.

“They take a very short proper time to traverse, but a long time as seen from the outside,” the study explained.

“The traveller acquires a very large boost factor, γ, as it goes through the center of the wormhole,” it added.

Despite the theoretical possibilities, they remain impossible without more advanced technology.

“We have not given any plausible mechanism for their formation. We have only argued that they are configurations allowed by the equations.”

You can read the full study at the preprint server arXiv.

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