After Spike in Army COVID-19 Cases, Leadership Warns Troops to 'Stay Vigilant'

June 26, 2020

    In response to a recent spike in Army COVID-19 cases, Army leadership advised "vigilance" and "discipline."

    "I am sending this message to remind you that we must STAY VIGILANT and not lose the progress we have made in flattening the curve and reducing the spread of COVID-19," Chief of Staff of the Army James McConville wrote in a memo to Army leadership. 

    At the moment, the Army's COVID-19 curve is far from flattened. 

    "Our ability to BE DISCIPLINED and continue to follow the latest public health guidance from the CDC is essential to sustainment of our force," McConville's memo continues. He goes on to remind Army leadership of the importance of measures such as social distancing, wearing a mask and staying home if you feel sick. 

    During a Thursday press briefing at the Pentagon, McConville told reporters that the COVID-19 numbers the Army is currently tracking "do not show any uptick" or identify any "clusters" at any specific installation. The Army has declined to describe the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Fort Benning as an "outbreak."

    McConville's memo did concede that the Army is experiencing a "spike in new COVID-19 cases." The Army's active-duty COVID-19 cases are expected to surpass that of the Navy in the coming weeks. More than a third of the Navy's total cases were a result of the widely publicized outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt that eventually resulted in the dismissal of the ship's captain after his pleas for help leaked.

    "You are the Army's greatest strength," McConville's memo closes. "Stay vigilant and be disciplined as we continue to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

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