No Social Distancing for Goats as Herd Takes Over California Neighborhood

May 13, 2020

Why did the goat cross the road in San Jose? Because dozens of his billygoat buddies were doing the same thing.

There have been lots of reports of animals venturing out into neighborhoods during the shelter in place, but this may be the craziest yet: dozens of goats stormed a San Jose street Tuesday night after busting out of their enclosure. 

It certainly wasn't what Zach Roeland was expecting when he got back from the store last night. He returned to find a herd of 200 goats running down the street in his Silver Creek neighborhood. 

He quickly grabbed his camera and recorded the ensuing chaos.

The animals were chased by goat herders on ATV’s and quickly rounded up, but that didn't stop them from munching on potted plants and landscaping and pooping everywhere.

So, where did the herd come from? They were brought in to clear brush on a nearby hillside, but they somehow escaped their enclosure. Goats have in many places replaced tractors to clear brush after a tractor sparked a fire a couple years ago.

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