FANDEMIC: JVCKJ Answers All Your Questions About His New Single 'You Lie' Plus So Much More

JVCKJ’s solo career is heating up

September 10, 2020

The viral sensation turned masterful bop maker, JVCKJ, joined us for a RADIO.COM LIVE FANDEMIC Instagram Live to answer all your questions and share exciting behind the scenes details about the making of his beautiful music video for his new single “You Lie.” Plus JVCKJ dives into his ever-growing solo career while maintaining his JACK & JACK content.

The singer and songwriter, who got his start on Vine, is paving his own way to stardom by sharing his multifaceted talents with us across social media. J possesses the kind of talent and ingenuity that has allowed him to create an entire beat from the sound of a washing machine to picking up a guitar to strum out a sweet tune.

In regards to his blossoming career JVCKJ explains, “I feel like I get the final say on everything, the creative, I get to pick who I want to direct my videos… it’s honestly such a breath of fresh air.”

J reveals that he has a series of projects that he will unveil over the next year to year and a half, while still making music with the other half of JACK & JACK. “There’s no reason why JACK & JACK can’t drop stuff while we’re dropping our solo stuff, we just kind of want to let our solo chapters breathe for a bit,” he happily shares.

JVCK speaks to making the transition from Nebraska to Los Angeles with Jack G and tells us, “honestly our first couple years out here we got very lazy. We thought the world was ours… we thought our lives were already solidified.” J continues, “eventually we burnt out of that phase…. sometimes you gotta lose yourself to find yourself.”

Finally JVCKJ shares the biggest message he’d like to impart on his fans. The rising artists frankly says, “your destiny is really in your own hands…. self belief has to drive everything you do.”

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