FANDEMIC: Watch Justin Bieber Imagine How the 'Friends' Characters Would Be Handling Quarantine

Biebs checks in from home

April 24, 2020

Between talking with fans around the world, Justin Bieber linked up with RADIO.COM to see how our day was going, talk about his favorite movies, and image how Ross and Rachel would be dealing with quarantine.

Justin and Hailey have been binging Friends while at home, using it as a cleanser between other movies and shows. “It’s like ginger with sushi,” he tells RADIO.COM’s Julia. “It’s so good.”

The perfect comfort food between Ozark and Tiger King, we can’t stop checking in with the gang from Central Perk either. They spend a lot of time in their apartment on the show, but how would they manage this uncertain time of self-isolation? The One With The Social Distancing?

“I think Phoebe would be going insane right now,” he smiles.

Monica might be a fan at first with extra time to clean, but what happens on day three? “Because everything’s all clean and she’s like, ‘what am I gonna do now?’” Bieber wonders.

As for Ross, “he’s probably divorced again by now,” laughs Justin. “He’s been divorced like 50,000 times.”

Is quarantine considered “a break?” Asking for a friend.

Friends comes in between Adam Sandler movies for Biebs, and of course working on music, collaborating with friends and taking part in a big project with other Canadian artists.

“We just did this song for Canada, I don’t know if they’re talking about it right now, if I’m supposed to say it, but a bunch of Canadians teamed up and we all collaborated on doing a song, so I’m excited for that to come out.”

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