How Will Social Distancing Affect Summer Camps and Pools?

April 28, 2020

How will coronavirus affect your summer?

The thought has crossed all of our minds at some point, but it’s a real concern for parents who rely on summer camps to keep their children occupied during the summer months.

Hoda Kotb from the TODAY Show spoke with NBC News medical correspondent, Dr. John Torres, who gave insight on how summer camps and pools may deal with the novel outbreak.

As parents wonder what to do with kids this summer, he predicts a “new normal” for summer camps will involve social distancing and testing.

Torres suggested that parents ask camps and pools some tough questions such as what they are doing to disinfect, what their plan is if someone tests positive, and how they’re enforcing social distancing.

Torres added that the bottom line is that parents need to find out how their child will be kept safe while “having fun and staying healthy.”

Hoda also asked whether it’ll be safe to visit beaches this summer.

Torres explained beaches are safer than grocery stores since they are more spacious and allow for proper social distancing, he clarified that things get murky when people become too comfortable and begin socializing more.

He said those who have some drinks on the beach are more likely to skip social distancing and spread the virus.

“With some people, alcohol is involved, and once you start drinking, it’s easy to say, ‘hey, I’m just going to go say hi to my friend real quick, I don’t need this mask. I can hug my buddy, it’s going to be okay,’ and that is the question and that is the concern with a lot of experts,” he said.

In other words, summer isn't officially cancelled, but you will have to take precautions.

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