Couple Married 73 Years Died From Coronavirus Within Hours of Each Other

April 29, 2020

A husband and wife, who started dating during World War II, passed away from coronavirus on the same day.

Married for 73 years, Wilford Kepler, 94, and Mary Kepler, 92,  died within hours of each at a Wisconsin hospital on April 18th, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

After testing positive for COVID-19 on April 8th, Mary quarantined herself at home. Days later, Wilford suffered a head injury and was rushed to the hospital. They both wound up being admitted and Wilford later tested positive as well.

Together in the same hospital room, staff moved their beds close together so the pair could hold hands.

“Their beds were together at Froedtert and they were able to hold hands during their last days,” the obituary read. “Mary commented before her death that she was being cared for by Angels.”

While they both tested positive for COVID-19, only Mary, who had underlying health issues, died from the virus, according to the medical examiner. Wilford’s cause of death was listed as a traumatic head injury. His secondary cause of death was coronavirus.

Wilford and Mary met in high school and corresponded with each other after he was drafted to serve in World War II in 1943. They married upon his return in 1946.

“They took care of their children. They lived a good life, and they got their kids educated,” son Michael Kepler said. “They did the things that most people would want to do for their children and for their families.”

The day before Wilford and Mary died, their granddaughter, who is a nurse, was able to visit them in the hospital.

“They were aware of what was going on, and they were at peace with it,” their granddaughter Natalie Lameka told the outlet.

The couple are survived by their three children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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