BLACKPINK Has Made Chart History With 'Sour Candy'

The K-pop group has another hit on their hands

June 10, 2020

BLACKPINK has graced Billboard’s Hot 100 list many a time, but this week the all-girl, K-pop group is sitting at number 33 on Billboard’s Top 40 list. “Sour Candy,” the infectious dance track off of Lady Gaga’Chromatica took BLACKPINK into the stratosphere.

Sour Candy” can now officially be deemed as a hit. Lady Gaga’s new no. 1 album has been leverage for BLACKPINK to expand their following and reach new fan bases. However, it should not go unmentioned that BLACKPINK’s loyal following, also known as “Blinks” have shown unwavering support of the girl group before their collaboration with Gaga.

This is only the third time a K-pop group has entered into the Top 40. BLACKPINK stands alongside BTS and Pinkfong, the group that released “Baby Shark,” as the three K-pop bands to skyrocket into the Top 40.

Prior to “Sour Candy,” BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” reached number 41 on the Billboard charts in April 2019, getting the group so close they could almost taste it. However, this isn’t the first time this girl group has made musical history, in 2019 BLACKPINK became the first K-pop group to command a stage at Coachella.

With a highly anticipated full-length album dropping later this year and a pre-release single debuting at the end of this month, the women of BLACKPINK are sure to make chart history again. Plus we can certainly predict that the Blinks will absolutely come out in full-fledged support of the new music.

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