Are You Having Trouble With the IRS Website? Try All Caps

April 29, 2020

Well that was easy.

After the IRS launched a portal for tracking the status of stimulus checks earlier this month, taxpayers across the United States reported receiving a “payment status not available” error message after submitting their info.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a hack that bypasses the glitch and allows users to access the status of their payments: entering your street address in all caps.

Some Twitter users have found success with the method, being successfully informed of their status after using the trick when entering their street address.

The hack also allows Americans to be able to enter their bank account information to have their stimulus check deposited electronically.

As stimulus checks are being sent to millions of people, many Americans still have unanswered questions about the status of their payments.

Unfortunately, if you want to call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with any other questions about your stimulus check, you’re out of luck. Taxpayers are currently not able to call and talk to IRS customer service representatives about any issues they are having.

One of the first things visitors to the agency's web page about "Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments" will see is a simple instruction: "Do not call." Why can’t you get the IRS on the phone? The organization has limited staffing where it doesn’t have any employees answer the phones.

With no actual person to call at the IRS, the best option would be getting information from the IRS website. If you have a fundamental question about your stimulus check, who is eligible, you can head to the IRS FAQ page about your check.

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