Adam Lambert on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Making Queen Bigger Than Ever

Plus, how it felt to perform for Cher

December 16, 2019

Not only was Bohemian Rhapsody a smash at the box office, but the Golden Globe winning film also helped to launch the band Queen to new heights.

"I don't think anybody realized it was going to be as successfull as it became," Adam Lambert told RADIO.COM's Karson & Kennedy of Mix 104.1 in Boston. "We've always had a lot of luck, we've been selling out but we sold out faster this last US summer tour than we ever sold it."

The mainstream success of the movie has helped to bring in a whole new generation of fans. "For me personally I'm very excited because we've opened up our audiences for these tours that we've been doing. We had all ages in the audience which was a bit different than it's been - it's like a family thing now!" 

Lambert also confirmed that filling the shoes of such a legendary singer is not easy. "It is a big job, it is... it's a lot of singing!"

In the interview, the "Superpower" singer also opened up about his mesmerizing cover of Cher's "Believe" from the 2018 Kennedy Center Honors performance. "When I heard about the Kennedy Center honoring her I was like 'okay I have an idea I'd like to sing this song but I want to re-do it, I want to do it as like a ballad and make it emotional.'"

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Shockingly, his initial idea was met with skepticism. "The people that were putting it together were kind of like scratching their heads like 'really?'" Fortunately they trusted him and the song has blown fans away and went on to make countless headlines, including recently with his professionally produced cover of the song that just dropped earlier this month.

"I was very excited and then when I got on stage seeing her in the back of the house up in the box I definitely got nervous. She's an icon!"

Even though anyone would feel that way performing in front of Cher, none of those feelings were felt by viewers. "I don't get that nervous that much these days so I was like 'oh shoot I'm nervous' and midway through my hand was shaking. It made for a vulnerable moment which was great."

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