2 Niagara Falls Ferries Show Difference Between Social Distancing in US and Canada

July 22, 2020

    Canadian visitors of Niagara Falls have something else to take photos of while they're there - the hoards of Americans flooding the tourist destination.

    As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the US, Canada has had a decent hold on their control of the virus, enabling strict social distancing measures as well as mandatory masks.

    While the United States reported 57,777 new cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday, Canada reported just 786. According to Today, the United States has reported around 118 cases of coronavirus per 10,000 residents while Canada reports around 30.

    Meanwhile, an image of the waterways at Niagara Falls has been making its rounds as it shows the stark contrast between the ways the US is handling social distancing compared to Canada's methods.

    One ship shows the presence of just a few people, donning red, while the other boat appears to be almost completely full with passengers in blue.

    Canadian ferries at the Falls are limited to just 6 passengers per boat, while US ferries on the same waterways are operating at 50% capacity, still allowing for hundreds of people to board the ships at a time.

    Today reports that the boat company could not immediately be reached for comment.

    However, its website indicates that they are following the guidance of New York State health officials. The boat, Maid of the Mist, does contain markers to keep people at a distance, and face coverings are required.

    On Wednesday, the state of California surpassed New York as the state with the most coronavirus cases, clocking it at 409,000 cases total. This puts them about 1,200 cases ahead of New York. The state's death count still remains lower.

    New York's death toll of 72,302 sits about nine times higher than that of California.

    Last week, Florida reported more coronavirus cases in a single day than that of all of Europe combined. As Florida reported 15,299 new cases of coronavirus on Sunday, July 12, all of Europe reported 15,284 cases in the same day.

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